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Vissza 2017. szeptember 11.

150 days to go till the Winter Olympics

150 days to go till the Winter Olympics

On September 11th, there will only be 150 days to go till the 23rd Winter Olympics begin on February 8th, 2018 in South Korea. The first Olympic champion in short track speed skating will be awarded on February 10th. Short track speed skaters have four Olympic qualification tournaments ahead of them, the first leg being hosted in Budapest at the last weekend of September. Six Olympic Champions, 27 World Champions are coming to Budapest. If we include the former world class athlete team leaders too, all together 11Olympic Champions and 30 World Champions might arrive in the Hungarian capital.

In the following you will find the most successful athletes in the field, already entered the Budapest World Cup. (in bold are the Olympic Champions):

Kim Alang

OG: I. 2014: 3000m relay
WCh I.: 2015: 3000m relay, 2016: 3000m relay
Seo Yi Ra
WCh I. : 2017: overall title, 1000m
Kwak Yoon Gy
World Cup I.: 2015/2016
Shim Suk Hee
WCh I.: 2015. 3000m relay, 2016: 3000m relay, 2017: 3000m
World Cup I.: 3x 2012-2015
Choi Min-jeong
WCh I.: 5x 2015. 1000m, 3000m, 3000m relay, 2016. 1000m, 3000m relay
World Cup I.: 2015/2016
Park Se yong
WCh I.: 2015. 1000m

Suzanne Schulting
ECh I.: 2016: 3000m relay
Sjinkie Knegt
OG: III. 2014: 1000m
WCh I.:6x 2014: 5000m relay, 2015: overall title, 3000m,  2017: 500m, 3000m, 5000m relay
ECh I.: 2012, 2015:overall title,  total of 14 ECh golds
Dan Breeuwsma
WCh I.: 2014: 5000m relay, 2017: 5000m relay
Itzhak De Laat
WCh I.: 2017: 5000m relay
Dennis Visser
WCh I.: 2017: 5000m relay

Valérie Maltais
OG: 2014. II. 3000m relay
WCh I.: 2012: 3000m
Marianne St-Gelais
OG: 3x II. 2010: 500m, 3000m relay, 2014:3000m relay
WCh I.: 2016: 1500m
Charles Hamelin
OG: 3x I.  2010: 500m, 5000m relay, 2014: 1500m, II. 2016: 5000m relay
WCh I.: 5x 2009. 500m, 2011: 5000m relay, 2013: 5000m relay, 2014: 1500m, 2016: 1000m
World Cup I.: 2013/2014

Francois Hamelin
OG:I. 2010. 5000m relay
WCh I.: 2011: 5000m relay

Fan Kexin
OG: II. 2014: 1000m
WCh I.: 8x 2011: 500m, 3000m relay, 2012: 3000m relay, 2013: 3000m relay, 2014: 3000m relay, 2016:500m, 2017: 500m, 3000m relay
Guo Yihan
WCh I.: 2017: 3000m relay
Lin Yue
WCh I.: 2017: 3000m relay
Zhang YIzhe
WCh I.: 2017: 3000m relay
Han Yu tong
WCh I.: 2014: 3000m relay
Han Tianyu
OG: II. 2014: 1500m, III. 2014: 5000m relay
WCh I.: 5x 2015: 5000m relay, 2016: overall title, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m relay
 Shi Jingnan
OG: III. 2014: 5000m relay
WCh I.:   2015: 5000m relay, 2016: 5000m relay
Wu Dajing
OG: II. 2014: 500m, III. 2014: 5000m relay
WCh I.: 4x 2014: 500m, 2015: 500m, 5000m relay,  2016: 5000m relay

Liu Shaolin Sándor
Wyche I.: 2016: 500m

Elise Christie
WCh I.: 2017: overall title, 1000m, 1500m
ECh I.: 2015,2016: overall title, a total of 10 ECh golds

Arianna Fontana

OG: II. 2014: 500m, 4x III. 2006: 3000m relay, 2010: 500m, 2014: 1500m, 3000m relay
WCh I.: 2015: 1500m
World Cup I.: 2011/2012
ECh I.: 6x 2008,2009,2011-2013, 2017. Overall title, a total of 25 ECh golds
Lucia Peretti
OG: III. 2014 3000m relay
Martina Valcepinai
OG: III. 2014 3000m relay

Elena Viviani
OG: III. 20143000m relay
Nicola Rodigari
OG: II. 2002: 5000m relay
ECh I.: 5x overall title :2004, 2006,2007,2009,2010

Victor Ahn
Ahn Hyun-soo)
OG: 6x I.  2006: 1000m, 1500m,5000m relay, 2014: 500m, 1000m, 5000m relay
2x II. 2006: 500m, III. 2014: 1500m
WCh I.: 6x overall title 2003-2007, 2014,  2014: 1000m
World Cup I.: 2003/2004, 2005/2006
ECh I.: 2014: overall title
Semen Elistratov
OG: I. 2014. 5000m relay
WCh I.: 2015: 1500m
ECh I.: 2016, 2017. Overall title, a total of 10 ECh golds

Vladimir Grigorev
OG: I. 2014: 5000m relay, II. 2014: 1000m


J.R. Celski
OG: II.  2014: 5000m relay
III. 2010: 1500m, 5000m relay
WCh I.: 3x  2009: 3000m, 5000m relay, 2014: 3000m

Five Olympic Champions currently trainers or leaders are to come to Budapest:

ISU Short track Technical Committee representative
Nathalie Lambert (CAN)
OG: I. 1992: 3000m relay, II. 1994: 1000m, 3000m relay
WCh I.:  16x 1986-1997

ISU Event Coordinator
Hugo Herrnhof (ITA)
OG: I. 1994: 5000m relay
WCh I.: 1988: 5000m relay, 1993: team World Championships

Derrick Campbell
OG: I. 1998: 5000m relay

Jonathan Guilmette
OG: I. 2002: 5000m relay,  2x II. 2002: 500m, 5000m relay
WCh I. 4x, 2006: 5000m relay, team World Championships: 2000, 2001, 2003

Sun Linlin
OG: I. 2010: 3000m relay

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