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Vissza 2017. szeptember 30.

3rd Day Mixed Zone interviews

1500 m men

John Celski ,USA
It was a tough race, I fell a few laps before the end, it’s unfortunate, but it happens in this sport. One of the skaters came in from the inside, I tried to keep my position, but I just lost my balance, I don’t know what happened, but it’s disappointing.

Samuel Girard, FRA – B final 1st place
It was really hard in the semi final, someone fell in front of me, hit me and I fell too, but these things happen in short track, so I just have to deal with it. I’m happy that I was able to win the B final, it means a lot in points too for the Olympic qualification, but of course, I would have been happier with the a final.

1500 m ladies
Choi Ming Jeong, KOR, gold

The pressure was so high on me, but now I’m a little bit relieved. My win shows that I’m still the best. But I feel I’m not ready yet, my performance is on 60% now.

Kim Boutin, CAN,silver
Of course, I’m happy, it was a pretty hard race. When it was two laps to go I was in front, so I wanted to keep myself calm. I need to work on my last lap, there are some technical aspects.

Deanna Lockett, AUS, bronze
It’s my first ever world cup medal, so I’m really excited, of course it’s never smooth and fine, there were a lot of fighting at the beginning, there were a few things that I could’ve done better, but in general, I’m just really happy. I could have stayed more at the outside, and I think I would have been in a better position, but I learn from it and next time do it better.

Selma Poutsma, FRA
I fell at the end so it was bad. At the beginning, I had a bad start, but I had a second chance. It was better, but someone passed me, because I didn’t expect her. I made the best out of my heat. I have to focus more, and be prepared to the situations.

Arianna Fontana (ITA)
My feelings are pretty mixed after today, I had some good individual races, but we got penalized in the relay, I still don’t really know why, we’ll have to sit down with my coach, watch the video and figure out what happened. I think we all had some good races today, even with the relay, we were fighting really hard, everyone just did their job, we worked as a team, so it was good. It’s good to see that there are so many people here, it’s always a pleasure to race when there are so many people cheering, even tough we know that they are mostly here for the Hungarians, the atmosphere is still amazing.

Elise Christie (GBR)
I have sore legs, I can’t really get the power out of them. The 1500 meters would be okay but I had a little bit of miscommunication with my coach so I ended up being stuck on the outside and didn’t really know what to do. It’s a thing that we can fix later. At the 500 meters, I had a bad start, and they came across me. It was okay, because the race was pulled off so I hoped for an easier start and pass them later because I had confidence with the best time today. Then I had a problem with the blade after the crash at the start so I didn’t made it to the B final. Hopefully, it’s gonna be my worst World Cup result of the year.

Mixed zone interviews, 3rd day, after relay semifinals
Samuel Girard (CAN)
The relay went very well, we have had a nice relay team for a long time, and everything just came together in the right time and the right place. We’re in the final now, so tomorrow we’ll do our best, and try to win this. We have nothing to lose, so I think we have the chance for the gold.

Jamie Macdonald, Kasandra Bradette (CAN)
J.M.: We’re pretty excited, our goal was to make the final and we did it today, so we’re pretty satisfied. The atmosphere is really good, the crowd is great, so we really enjoy to race here.

K.B.: We’ve been working so hard all summer long, and in the past there were always some elements missing, but this summer everything went smoothly, so what happened today is a good beginning, and it’s good to see that we’re on the right way.

Lara van Ruijven (NED)
It wasn’t a really good race, in the end I think we were in a good position, but unfortunately we made some mistakes. Japan got in front of us, and we tried to regain our position, but it wasn’t a clear overtake, so we got penalized.

Li-ning Seat