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Vissza 2017. szeptember 24.

Team Canada is ready

Most of the faces are so familiar, but there is a big change in the Canadian team. Jennifer Cottin is the new team leader, Yves Hamelin, the father of the two stars Charles and Francois, does not take part at the competition.

Jennifer Cottin was so kind and happy to answer  our questions.

What is the plan for the coming days before the competition?

“We just want to get the team comfortable with the surroundings, we’ve been in Budapest several times, very pleasant here, so just to prepare and plan for the days race ahead.”

How is the mood in the team?

“Everybody is really excited and looking forward to the competition, it’s the first step towards the Games.”

Do you know who will be competing during the Olympic Games, or you will decide it just after the World Cup series?

“Our Olympic team has been announced. Samuel Girard, Charles Hamelin, Charle Cournoyer, Francois Hamelin and Pascal Dion on the man side. On the ladies side Marianne St-Gelais, Valerie Maltais, Jamie McDonald, Kasandra Bradette and Kim Boutin.”

What is your prediction for the Budapest tournament?

“No predictions in terms of plan really, the goal is to get comfortable competing again. This is the start of the international season, so performance goals are really just getting ready for Games.”

How do you like Budapest?

“We love Budapest. We were here very frequently with the Sochi squad. We haven’t been back since then so it’s really nice to come back.”

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